News - Save hundreds off your spring clean by renting these pro tools
Your best spring clean is just a hire away!
Your best spring clean is just a hire away!

Save hundreds off your spring clean by renting these pro tools

Spring cleaning – you either love it or you hate it. Regardless of how you feel about doing it, there is nothing like a sparkling clean home that’s ready for the warmer months.

To get your house spring-ready, looking to the professionals can be a great place to start. However, if you don’t have (or want to spend) the funds to bring a whole work crew on board, the good news is you can hire the same tools the professionals use and get high-quality results at a fraction of the price.

Hiring heavy duty cleaning equipment can save you money and time — goodbye hours of kneeling on the floor scrubbing tiles! The question is, which tools or equipment are the most worthwhile to ensure you will get the best bang (or scrub) for your buck?

We’ve compiled our top four tools to hire that will deliver that spring deep clean you’ve been longing for.

Carpet cleaner


Not just for an end-of-lease clean, hiring a professional carpet cleaning machine can bring your tired carpets back to life. By doing this once a year, you will also extend the life of your carpets and help to keep allergies like dust mites at bay!

  • The tool: Carpet cleaner
  • How long you’ll need it for: 2 hours for a small two-bedroom home
  • Cost for a professional: $125.00 for a standard two-bedroom home from Aladdin Carpet Cleaning
  • Cost for hire: $38.60 from Bunnings

High pressure hose


This device is not only fun to use, but will have multiple uses around the home. From pressure cleaning your outdoor furniture to your driveway and exterior walls, you can even use it to clean the gutters!

  • The tool: Pressure hose
  • How long you’ll need it for: Minimum 4-hour hire which should see you easily finish those backyard tasks
  • Cost for a professional: $150.00 for 1-30sqm from Jet Clean
  • Cost for hire: $36.22 for 4 hours from Bunnings

Fabric and furniture cleaner


Just like with carpet cleaners, a fabric and furniture clean can bring new life to tired curtains and couches. This is a great one if you have pets, or find your furniture is trapping smells from cooking or a poorly ventilated home. We recommend you do this on a warm day so your couch has the best chance of drying.

  • The tool: Carpet Cleaner with upholstery accessories
  • How long you’ll need it for: Day rental
  • Cost for a professional: $90.00 for a three-seater sofa from Fantastic Cleaners
  • Cost for hire: $38.60 plus $5 for upholstery accessories from Bunnings

Gutter cleaning system


If cleaning the gutters is something you put off as it seems long, complicated and requires lots of equipment, then you should consider hiring a gutter cleaning system. This machine will allow you to clear your gutter with no ladder, all while standing on the ground, perfect if you suffer from any mobility restrictions.

  • The tool: Gutter cleaner
  • How long you’ll need it for: Half a day
  • Cost for a professional: Starting at $170 from Gutter Gulpa
  • Cost for hire: $120.00 from Iconic Systems

Even if you choose just one of the above products for your spring clean, you will save yourself time and backbreaking labour, letting you enjoy the benefits of a deeply cleaned and fresh home!

The opinions expressed in this article are the opinions of the author(s) and not necessarily those of Resimac.

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