We’re making some changes to your home loan account

We’re making some important changes to your home loan and/or offset account/s. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about these changes below.

Your BSB numbers are changing

A BSB is the six-digit number used to identify a financial institution. This number, along with your loan account number, is used to identify your account, and is required when you are setting up a direct debit payment or you are receiving income to your account (such as your salary, rental income or share dividends).

On 1 September 2021, your six-digit BSB numbers are changing, and you’ll be required to use new BSB numbers to process inward credits and outward debit funds from your account/s.

This means that any direct debits you have setup for regular bill payments from your home loan account, and any regular income payments you have setup to be credited to your home loan account, will no longer work from 1 September 2021 unless you update the BSB numbers for those transactions.

Your new BSBs are shown in the table below, and we recommend you update these with your third party service providers, remitters and employers now, because from 1 September 2021, your old BSBs will no longer be active.

New BSB*
Outward Direct Debits
You may want to make regular payments from your loan account to your Third Party Service Provider. For example, credit card repayments, health insurance premium, gym membership or council rates from you loan account. When completing or updating the Direct Debit form of your Third Party Service Provider, you will need to use the New BSB.
*If you are not already using this BSB, please update your records and commence using this BSB. If you are already using the 032-809 BSB for your direct debits, you do not need to make any changes.

If you keep using your old BSBs after 1 September 2021, the transactions won’t be successfully processed. You’ll need to use the new BSBs to process Inward credits and Outward debit funds from your account/s.

Please note, your account number and account name aren’t changing.

Additional information

The other services that are changing from 1 August 2021 include:
  • Cash and Cheque deposits: We’ll no longer accept cheque deposits into your loan account/s via any of Westpac branches or the mail. Please deposit cash or cheques into a different bank account and then transfer funds from that account to your home loan or offset account.

Need help?

We’re here to help you continue to get the most out of your home loan. If you need more support, please call us on 1300 764 447.
If you have any questions or a complaint about your account, or you believe you should not have received this, please contact us.
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